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Thursday, 21 March 2013

How to Unlock Any 3G Dongle For All Sim Networks

Internet is growing day by day thousands of people buy 3G Dongle/Net setter or modem to surf the internet on their PC or laptop. Why people buy 3G USB Dongle? Because it’s the coolest way to connect to internet anywhere with your laptop or tablet in car, house, park, club, party etc. You don’t need to seat in your computer room with a wired modem.
But when we buy these 3g dongle they are locked with a specific sim operator. You can use only that operator which is provided with that 3g dongle. Suppose their 3g plans price won’t go low. But another operator gives faster speed with cheaper price. Will you buy another operator dongle?
Answer is NO. You don’t have to spend money on new dongle. I will show you simple ways to unlock your 3g dongle. So you can use any 3g operator sim with same dongle that you have.
Well there are many software to unlock your data card by entering unlock code. You can get that unlock code from few software like universal master code. you can get this software on Google by searching for "universal master code" download it and enter your data card IMEI number and it will calculate your unlock code.
Is your dongle locked?
While some third-party companies do provide unlocked mobile broadband dongles, most likely a dongle coming from an access provider is locked to a network. You can use software like DC-Unlocker to check if your dongle is locked.
DC-Unlocker is available at and you can use the application to test your dongles for free. However, if you want to use the service to unlock the dongle, a fee is required.
To check your system with DC-Unlocker, download the software application and install on your computer. Remove the SIM card from your dongle and plug it into your computer, then select the appropriate brand. The software will automatically detect supported SIM cards and tell you if it is locked or not.
Unlocking a dongle is completely legal, but the mobile service provider will not be happy about it and you will likely lose any warranty offered with the device.
Follow this steps to unlock your 3g data card / dongle:
  1. Download Dc Unlocker from here.
  2. Install this software.
  3. Open dc unlocker.
  4. Select modem manufacture and model as Auto Detected (Recommended).
  5. Now Scan your device.
  6. Click on Server. Enter your username and password. Now press click login.
  7. Now click on unlocking then unlock.
Thats it. Now you can use any sim with your 3g data card / dongle / Net setter. if you still fail to unlock your device.
You can ask me in comment section i will definitely help you.



Data Card 3G plans can be used while on Home network as well as National Roaming on BSNL/MTNL network across India without any data roaming charges.

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