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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lock your Computer/Laptop Using Pendrive

We can lock our pc by using a Pen-Drive. This can be done simply by using a software named PREDATOR.. If you use these software then the system will work only when the password protected pendrive is inserted or plugged in. If you remove the pendrive or USB from computer , Mouse and Key board will get disabled automatically and screen will get dark. To unlock the computer, you should insert the USB again.
Follow the below steps :
1) Now install the software.
2) Predator will launch automatically after the installation.
3) Now insert USB to the computer you will get a message to set new password.
4) click on OK and set your New password
5) Then Choose the correct Drive letter from "USB Key Drive"
6) After this click on Create Key
7) Then Click on OK



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