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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Think of all the time you spend in Windows 8 using your mouse to accomplish simple actions—opening the Charms bar, opening a new window in Internet Explorer, showing the Desktop. It’s plenty of time and plenty of movement.
It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get a lot done just using your keyboard. Use out the following tables for keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll save miles of mouse movements, and plenty of time as well. Here is a list of the most common Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.

 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows key
Goes to Start screen or toggles between the Start screen and your current action
Windows key+C
Open Charms bar
Windows key+D
Show the Desktop
Windows key+E
Open Windows Explorer
Windows key+F
Go to Files in the Search charm
Windows key+H
Go to the Share charm
Windows key+I
Go to the Settings charm
Windows key+K
Go to the Devices charm
Windows key+L
Locks your PC
Windows key+M            
Minimize all windows (only on the Desktop)
Windows key+O
Lock the screen orientation
Windows key+P
Open Projection Mode pane
Windows key+Q
Go to the Search charm
Windows key+R
Launch the Run box
Windows key+T
Put the focus on the Taskbar and cycle through your running Desktop apps
Windows key+U
Open the Ease of Access Center
Windows key+V
Cycle through your notifications
Windows key+W              
Go to Settings in the Search charm
Windows key+X
Open the power user menu
Windows key+Z
Go to the app bar
Windows key+1
through 9 Go to the app on the corresponding position on the Taskbar (Desktop only)
Windows key++              
Zoom in (when using Magnifier)
Windows key+−              
Zoom out (when using Magnifier)
Windows key+,
Peek at the Desktop (on Desktop only)
Windows key+.
Snap a Windows 8 native app to the right (Windows key+Shift+. snaps it to the left)
Windows key+
Enter Opens the Narrator
Windows key+
Spacebar Switches the input language and keyboard layout
Windows key+Tab
Cycle through the Windows 8 native app history
Windows key+Esc
Exit the magnifier
Windows key+Home
Minimize non-active desktop windows
Windows key+Page Up
Move Start screen or any Windows 8 native app to left monitor
Windows key+Page Down
Move Start screen or any Windows 8 native app to right monitor
Windows key+Break
Open System Properties
Windows key+Left arrow
Snap desktop window to the left
Windows key+Right arrow
Snap desktop window to the right
Windows key+Up arrow
Maximize desktop window
Windows key+Down arrow
Restore/minimize desktop window
Windows key+F1
Run Windows Help and Support



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